The Swiss Elesta GmbH ( is manufacturer of relays with forcibly guided contacts.


Because Elesta is specialised in relay technology, they offer the newest solutions in those markets where safety of persons is primordial. These relays are used in the control of elevators, automatic doors, industrial machines, medical equipment, lasers, rolling stock and signalisation.


The SIF family is extended and is now available with 3, 4 and 6 contacts. 


These are only 10.9 mm high, so that the distance between the controlcards in an equipment or a rack is limited to a minimum. When the mounting pins of the relays are used as standoff, the total height is approximately 12.1 mm and SMD components with a height until 1 mm can be placed under the relays.


The new SIF3 relays (2NO/1NC) have a switching capacity of 3mA to 10A (AC-1), thanks to the use of notched-crown contacts.


The coil only needs 600 mW for the activation and this power can even be lowered to approximately 180 mW as holding coil power.


The SIF relays comply with the standard EN50205, type A for relays with forcibly guided contacts and they can also be delivered for railway applications EN50155.