Encoders E33 & E37 with high torque and push-button force

We are pleased to present our modified mechanical encoder switches Type E33 & E37 with "high-force"-functions:


  • Switching torque: up to 4.5 Ncm
  • Push button force: up to 14 N 


We equipped the two switches with stronger springs and snap discs. The result is very high torque and push-button force. The higher forces are excellent to prevent unintended switching. This function is very common in target aiming devices, two-way radios, cockpit applications, industrial applications and medical devices.



New: Turn-key interface solutions for Encoders

Save your time and order compatible interface solution for your encoder right away:


  • Soldered printed circuit boards
  • Flat flex cable (FFC)
  • Ribbon cable (1,27 mm)
  • FFC-connector
  • Micro-MaTch-connector
  • Individual flex cable solutions


Simpler and faster integration into your electronics. 
See more options in this video:

Interface Solutions for Encoders