Ultrasonic Sensors

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  • AFOY series

    Non contact detection, positioning, counting, supervision.

  • AOPD series

    Detection of smallest objects.
    Teach-In with button or externally.

  • AOPF series

    Simple and quick mounting.
    Detection of smallest parts.

  • APB series

    Large detection range up to 1500mm.
    No blind range.

  • APF series

    High accuracy and temperature stability.
    For transparent foils.

  • APK series

    Measuring distances from 80mm up to 5m.
    Very low profile, small size.

  • APL series

    Detection range up to 200mm.
    Works under dust, dirt, fog, light.

  • APR PSCP series

    Measuring range up to 1000mm.
    Detects transparent and bright objects.

  • APR series

    Measuring range up to 1500mm.
    Small size M18 x 1.

  • APS series

    Measuring range up to 200mm.
    Binary or analogue outputs.

  • APX series

    Detection range up to 500mm.
    Small size in popular R-Shape.

  • APY series

    For use where contact by hand is not allowed (e.g. food processing, clean rooms, hospitals).

12 Artikel(en)

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